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team next week to ukraine, in response to the country's request for help. for more on that, we can talk to -- i am told that we don't have him to help us analyze the economic situation, perhaps later in the evening, for now though, in sport, a bit later we go to south africa where youngsters are being introduced to fencing to keep them off the street, that's all from us, back to doe ha. they need assistance. >> there's no such thing as illegal immigration. >> al jazeera america presents... a breakthrough television event borderland a first hand view at the crisis on the border. >> how can i not be affected by it? >> strangers, with different points of view take a closer look at the ongoing conflict alex, a liberal artist from new york and randy, a conservative vet from illinois... >> are you telling me that it's ok to just let them all run into the united states? >> you don't have a right to make judgements about it... >> they re-trace the steps of myra, a woman desparately trying to reunite with her family. >> to discover, and one of their children perish in the process, i don't know h
of ukraine, cameron said that britain supports a united and democratic ukraine and every country should respect the sovereignty. he's particularly concerned about the situation in crimea and said russia should respect the territorial integrity of the country and the world will be watching. angela merkel on the issue of ukraine said germany will be doing everything it can to support the new government and reiterating what cameron said about the territorial integrity and germany respecting the territory of ukraine. that's what happened a few minutes ago in london. >> let's update you on the situation in the ukraine. the center of appear appears to have shifted from the capitol kiev, the other side of the story emerging in crimea. gunman have taken over a government building and prompted a russian flag. that prompted warnings to moscow not to take action. the new performy war is being played out. >> tents are being made here to turn crimea like kiev in reverse. heavily armed men are protecting it from what they see as profoundly undemocratic forces. their supporters not so many, but they a
insisted it would defend the rights of its compatriots inside ukraine the country's foreign ministry declared this thursday will react in a strong and uncompromising manner to any violation. a short time ago. ukraine's foreign ministry has summoned the russian envoy in kiev and has requested immediate consultations with moscow developments followed out of their prudence demands for combat readiness drill of the russian ministry purcell ferguson the store. less than supportive weekend stays in place that only speak russian sprint and his own bullets hopefully mean you need to return to children. in nineteen nineteen divisions on wednesday. the statistical started to dance in the christian teaching russian afforded me the tree makes a silly sister hundred and fifty thousand treats in the face and sprinkled some encountered ninety nine school was the bangkok meeting shifts the ticket checking the treats rating is included threats to national security. the government would agree with cold on trips from the wisdom in which the district incidentally the units have been deployed there. it w
this happen. >> ukraine and other countries trying to get some freedom but the president has lost moral authority. >> the president needs to up his game and send a clear public message to putin. >> we continue to let vladmir putin push us around. >> when you project weakness, people don't fare you and they do what they want. >> jon: so weak. so mad at our weakness. thanks to obama's lily livered chamberlainesque appeasement of the ruler of the -- [laughter] old ivan. he gets to pull the strings and once again claim ukraine for the -- what they calling it now putin-ista n, whatever they are calling it. the only thing wrong is that it appears the putin forces are losing a handle on the ukraine but really never mind i'm sure a populous uprising against his puppet is his plan and we know which president would have the method for this mess. >> what would ronald reagan have done. >> woe lead the free world. >> he broke down the wall. ended the cold war. >> no red lines, he simply acted. >> jon: yes, i should know because my name is oliver north and when i worked for ronald reagan i illegal so
for the country. give us the latest. >> the ukrainian parliament is reviewing the candidates for ukraine's new government. this would be a caretaker government for the next few months. the prime minister would be arseniy yatsenyuk. we expect the government to be approved by the parliament. i spoke to arseniy yatsenyuk. ago he was in opposition leader leading protesters on independence square. now he has a situation in crimea. that is ukraine's peninsula in the south. one of the parliament buildings there has been seized by a a group of about 60 armed men who have raised the russian flag above it, an indication of the urges to secede from ukraine that we're seeing right now among ethnic russians. when it was the opposition -- rather, president yanukovych was in power, it was ethnic ukrainians who were talking about seceding. legald he would use all means to resolve that. he still has to be voted in. then he has the financial crisis. the u.s. is ponying up one billion -- $1 billion in loan guarantees. he is the man who has to cut the deal with the imf. he thinks it is possible to avoid the hairc
to restore order to the country lines of ultra nationalistic anti seem to trouble in ukraine south now with the forefront on grass now and the capital of the atonement a region of crimea on tv or peace can offer is that for us. a group of pro russian activists entered in the local farmers at least the russian flag on top of it the distorted sound is no blood for traffic by the police but inside the perimeter a crowd all for their supporters is gathered in for the holidays while also carrying russian flags and we just hope that some of them in the lead people are saying they're really concerned. i'll see what's been happening keep especially about more and more nationalist coming to power the interstate it will stand to protect their national identity just explain a bit east of ukraine and the southeast of the country where we all are now are heavily populated by ethnic russians the formal this is happening after wednesday's clashes between pro russian supporters and pro when it was neither the accordion top targets and it started as a rally but then political tensions quickly grew into
aspects to consider. one is the geopolitical implications of ukraine. manysis there will impact countries around the world from russia to poland to many others. ukraine isr hand, not particularly big and investor portfolios. if you had a crisis of that were folio in one of the core sources for emerging market investors, it would be a lot worse. the only positive side of this share of ukraine assets is relatively small. >> other than ukraine, which emerging market economy will pose most risk in the coming months? argentina ande venezuela being risky. both have taken steps to stabilize the situation. the situation looked a lot worse to her three weeks ago. in the case of argentina, measures taken by the central bank of contribute it to some stability and we have seen the inflows coming and some stability. in the case of the escuela, they are moving to devalue the currency and being an oil exporter and oil is very important. countries need to be monitored closely. >> what kind of risk that is fed a bring pose to emerging markets relative to what has been driving the past two years? >> the da
. >>> growing crisis in ukraine. gunmen seizings buildings in the country's southern region. also putting fighter jets on alert. white house press secretary jay carney on the escalating situation. >> we strongly support ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty. we expect other nations do the same. we are closely watching russia's military exercises along the ukrainian border which they announced yesterday. we expect russia to be transparent about these activities and avoid provocative actions. >> meantime secretary of state john kerry warning russia against military intervention saying any kind of military intervention that would violate sovereign territorial integrity of ukraine would be a huge, a grave mistake. ukraine's ousted president currently in russia saying he still considers himself ukraine's leader. time to bring in a former congressman from kansas and attorney for former ukrainian leader yulia tymoshenko. >> good to see you. >> this is heating up now. is russia listening to secretary of state john kerry? >> i don't think russia wants instability on its border in ukraine
. >> do you so the country splitting east and west ukraine? >> it is unlikely at this point. i think both sides think they can win elections and they have been close in the recent past, but if it continues and violence escalates, a split is not unquestionable. >> washington is guaranteeing a billion dollars in loans, what does that do for you us? chicken feed. the russian control the overwhelming energy flows into the ukraine and oil and natural gas and hold ukranian debt and offered 15 billion in the yanukovych government. and the united states to be willing to put up a billion. obama administration might as well go back to sleep. >> thank you. >>> food labels are getting a serious make over and will they change the way we eat? and then there is this. >> we can't breathe back here, go. >> leave the original belongings behind and get off of the plane. >> a scary scene on board of the cabin. filling with smoke and how it all ended in a moment. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend m
-cabrera explains from kiev, formation of a new government is a key to stabilizing the country's finances. >> reporter: thousands of ukrainance have returned to the square tonight called here by the acting leadership of the country so they can be consulted by a list of names for proposed new government. forming a new government is the next crucial step for the country because it needs to begin negotiating a massive financial bailout as much as $35 billion. the multinational lenders say they need someone to negotiate with. this all occurs as the country's currency continues to weaken due to fears about the economy and also amid rising tensions with russia. today, a massive protest in crimea in the southern part of ukraine raising concerns about whether or not the country is drifting toward a civil war, and also as russian leader vladimir putin ordered his troops from the western part of russia near the border of ukraine to begin combat preparedness exercises. we wait to see tomorrow whether or not ukraine has a new government. for "nightly business report," michelle caruso-cabrera in kiev.
in ukraine bought when we get parliamentary approval. can't help how clashes of the country's progress in south will have my dts and cranny of the latest the full adult child one good thing criminal court to british muslim convert substitute for what was taking a soldier to death on a london street. well a decision by germany's top court. freelance could win a seat in the european parliament. yep that is out were a temporary government has just been announced and if approved it will cover an elections in may. but in the country is anything but unifying clashes broke out on wednesday between pro russian and pokey as citizens in the country shall look at a live update from our correspondents in kiev in crimea in just a moment first this report the action of peace protest is outside the parliament in simple in the capital of the autonomous region of crimea. in a row count among the crowds that gathered and to voice their opinions on ukraine's political crisis. the russian demonstrators clashed with representatives of the winning team is not just as the minority. the entire time the snake
is in the ukrainian capital kiev. >> reporter: tonight, ukraine's opposition leaders chose independence square, the center of the revolution, to introduce the country's new government. to booing from some of the crowd. parliament must ratify the new ministers tomorrow, but for some there were too many familiar faces on stage. katerina is a 27-year-old teacher. >> people are angry. especially these days, people are very angry. >> reporter: ukraine's ousted president, viktor yanukovych, fled the capital five days ago, following a week of violence in which 80 protesters were killed. now, the country is trying to move forward, but it won't be easy. ukraine is almost bankrupt. it needs $35 billion over the next two years. so far, russia has refused to recognize the country's new leaders, and president putin's decision to put russian troops on ukraine's border has raised fears that russia will try to intervene in ukraine's politics. in the crimea region in the south of the country, also home to a large russian naval base, clashes broke out. crimea is not russia, one group chanted. at least one prote
into a stand off with forces the president of the country sent to arrest him. everyone.e back, ukraine's new government prompts to keep the country there breaking up. may complicate the situation, prorussian masked gunman today seized the parliament building there and russian jets have been flying above the border. meanwhile, ukraine's former president is reportedly in a luxury government retreat in russia. ahead of a news conference tomorrow, a russian news organization reports he still considered himself as the legitimate leader of ukraine. california lawmakers passed the $687 million plan to provide relief for areas devastated by drought. that includes emergency money for areas running low on drinking water. this is one of california's driest years on record. al jazeera is holding a global day of action to support journalists being detained by the jinx government, mohammed fami, al jazeera rejects the charges. people have been supporting our colleagues, martyr school in the capitol of beirut saw a big turn out holding banners and posters say journalism is not a crime. about 30 journalists
. >> ukraine is a massive country of 46 million people of enormous space. even if they have mobilized 150,000 troops for a drill and exercise. what about this particular problem which they have inside the navy base there do have a legitimate right to be there. >> they do have a legitimate right to be here. moreover, they have a legitimate right to move around crimea. let me pointed your attention to the fact that the troops, which are stationed there and troops which are stationed close to that side from the russian border, are very -- are one of the best forces that russia has. russian navy s.e.a.l.s are one of the best trained and one of the well equipped parts of the russian army. >> olga there in kiev. a suicide car bomb exploded in the somali capital killing 12 people and wounding several others. al shabaab said it carried out the attack in mogadishu. the bbc gave me this reading on the security in mogadishu. >> reporter: yes, exactly. it has been coming back in the last few weeks. a car loaded with explosives was driven near the headquarters of the somali intelligence forces, one of
in ukraine, just days after the country's president was deposed. within ukraine is an autonomous region called crimea. this morning, protesters seized a government building, and the crimean parliament, and raised a *russian flag over it. the seizure was a protest against the political upheaval in the ukrainian capital of kiev. the temporary government in ukraine has announced a slate of nominees for a new *unity government, aligned with the european union. and the united states warned russia against any military intervention to bring ukraine back into russia's orbit. the governor of arizona has vetoed a controversial bill that would protect businesses who denied services to gay and lesbian customers based on the owner's religious beliefs. governor jan brewer spent yesterday meeting with supporters and opponents of the bill before rejecting the law. she says the bill was "broadly worded" and would have brought negative consequences to the state. >> to as a perverse i understand that long-held norms are being challenged as never before. but i sincerely believe that the senate bill propos
for the ukraine, the country divided among ethnic lines. adding to the tension, russian warplanes placed on high alert and russian troops mobilizing for military exercises right along the ukraine eastern border. with the obama administration increasingly concerned about russian's intentions, president obama issued a stern warning. >> i urged him not to take any steps that could be miss interpreted. >> a time of great tension. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry said that in a phone call today, russian foreign minister sergey lavrov assured him the exercises are not related to the ukraine. but he cautioned -- >> statements are statements. words are words. we have all learned that it's actions and the follow-on choices that make the greatest difference. >> reporter: so if russia does not send troops inside ukraine, what could be its intentions? >> definitely take this as a signal that russia is testing itself on sending a message that it is prepared to do things if there is a situation that develops that russia feels it has to protect its interests. >> reporter: and now in a odd coincidence
, and prosperous country. the people of ukraine have had an incredibly difficult history. over the last century they have been subjected to two world wars, 70 years of soviet domination, including stalin's generagenocide famine. our assistance will be a concrete manifestation that we do indeed stand by the people of ukraine as they main fest their historic choice for freedom and democracy. moreover, we need to help ukraine succeed to realize the vision of a europe whole, free and at peace. that is our desire and that's the desire of the people of ukraine. they are moving right now on the right path. they critically need our help and the international community's help to make sure that russia does not try to dominate this country, that its desires to become part of europe are realized, that free and fair elections can take place and the rights of their people can be respected by their government. yesterday, i heard from swiss president and osce chair in office president bulcholzer and welcome his engagement and the important role they can play in the ukraine. mr. president, as you know, as a mem
. they consider ukraine to be a brother country and the ukrainians to be brothers to russians. they are concerned about the fate of ethnic russians in ukraine, but there doesn't seem to be a particular appetite for armed conflict. unless the russians in ukraine are put in danger then the people we speak to on the streets would be a justification for armed intervention. there's also an interesting perspective highlighted by a recent poll put out by the lavarda center, an independent polling company in moscow. it says that president putin's popularity is at the highest at the moment than it has been in the two-year presidency. it is somewhat to do with the success. winter olympics , but it's to do with the way the russians view the stability of russia, contrasting it with the turmoil that ukraine has gone through. >> rory challands in moscow. >> documents recovered from the former president's estate, the ukrainian's estate, thousands of pages were dumped in a river by viktor yanukovych's assistants before he left. many hope the information they find can help build a case against him. >> it's the f
people are very ainge grer. >> reporter: viktor yanukovych fled the capital. now the country is trying to move forward but it won't be easy. ukraine is almost bankrupt. it needs $35 billion over the next two years. so far russia has refused to recognize the country's new leader, and president putin's decision to put russian troops on ukraine's borders has raised fears that russia will try to intervene in ukraine's politic. in the crimea region in the south of the country also home to large russian naval base, clashes broke out. crimea's not russia one group chanted. at least one protester was kill. back in the square katarina had a stark message for putin. >> leave ukraine alone. leave our people to make our future. >> reporter: the economic situation here really is very serious. the country's currency has hit a ten-year low. it has decreased by about 18% just in the last month. so those new leaders who were on this stage, they're going to be facing some very tough decisions here because the economic reforms that this country needs to survive will be very painful and very unpopular. cl
are requireed. here is eric and kristen. >> thank you. the crisis in ukraine take adds new turn. the country now offering to help ukraine's fugitive president as he runs. >> ticket to hollywood, some lucky college students are among the elite at the oscars. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage, so i want you to know the facts. there are currently no credit score or income requirements to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home. you can use the money to pay off your current mortgage if you have one. the remaining money can be used for anything. there's no monthly mortgage payments. and you still own your home! call today to get your free guide and dvd. it explains how a government-insured reverse mortgage works. there's no obligation. one reverse mortgage is a quicken loans company. their licensed experts can answer all your questions. call to find out what a great solution this can be. don't wait, call now! >>> time to check with a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good thursday to you. all of you in the pay are
anything to escalate tensions in ukraine. the country's ousted president is believed to be under russian protection in moscow. meanwhile pro russian protesters took over government buildings in ukraine's coastal region. meeting with nato allies in belgium, hagel says the u.s. is watching the russian military exercise at the ukraine border very closely. >>> so far north korea is refusing to explain why it fired four short range missiles today. those missiles were fired from a mountain site just north of the border with south korea. the launches come days after the beginning of the annual joint u.s./south korea military exercises. in the past north korea blasted those exercises as preparation for war. >>> you may precede the nutrition label when you slop for food -- read the nutrition label when you shop for food in the store, but now for the first time in 20 years the food and drug administration wants to give them a makeover, but the proposal to change nutrition labels could prompt a backlash from foodmakers. first lady michelle obama wants to make nutrition labels easier to understand.
refuge to this country's fugitive former president. this morning, it was russia's flag, not ukraine's, that was hoisted up over crimea's parliament. masked gunmen in uniform had seizedly the billions overnight and barricaded themselves inside, raising the prospect of a separatist rebellion in this divided region. demonstrators chanted, "russia." 60% of crimea's residents are ethnically russian. many here see the new ukrainian leadership as illegitimate, like protester ludmila milodanova. "we cannot accept the authority in kiev. we have a different people," she said. "we will be happy to join russia." six days after yanukovich was driven from power, he surfaced today in russia. he's wanted here on charges of mass murder for his role in the killing of 80 protesters last week. yanukovich insisted he is still the legitimate president and said he fled ukraine for his life. as the new ukrainian leadership was voted in today, the country's prime minister tried to kefuse the situation. >> we believe that we will definitely find a political solution. >> reporter: but with russian fighter jet
illustrates the divide in ukraine. on the left the western side of the country people mostly speak ukrainian, on the eastern side closest to russia they mostly speak russian. kiev as you know is the capital. and there today the parliament has chosen a new prime minister to lead what's called the interim government. meanwhile we now know more about the whereabouts of the former president, viktor yanukovych. here's cnn's phil black. >> presidented viktor yanukovych, a man who is now a fugitive in his own country, had requested personal protection from the russian government. and the russian government had granted that protection. on the territory of the russian federation. now russia media is saying that viktor yanukovych will hold a press conference in russia in the southern city on friday. meanwhile in the ukrainian region of crimea voted to dismiss the local administration and secondly calling for a referendum to determine if crimea should become an independent sovereign state. it is a separatist question. and one that the crimea will now apparently vote for on may 25th, the same day the na
can think of and she and her camp the engine leaders of the ukraine have unveiled a cabinet to guide the country through a time of turmoil i say be yes and yes it was among those at the forefront of months of protests against the government of the ousted president of the attic of age now yes in europe will take over as prime minister thousands of people gathered where protesters and spent the past three months and teen's independence square demonstrators hit the streets of november after the governing council a trade deal with the european union in favor of closer ties with mine shaft. protest leaders announced a cabinet that leans toward the west the new prime minister has stated in the past as a foreign minister and as speaker of parliament. yet senior it is a close ally of former prime minister yulia tymoshenko. i didn't have hands on a sunday church enough has taken over as supreme commander of the armed forces. lawmakers will decide later on thursday but did get up to the nominees. russian president invited him for ten has ordered a show of strength sydney the border with ukrain
these divisions we are seeing in this report and hearing about elsewhere, can this country hold together ukraine? >> i think what we saw in the film was basically about country$qah. i think the government being put together in kiev right now really is trying to address the issue of unity. there are people who have been brought into this line-up that would be voted on tomorrow that are from the east of ukraine. they are new faces. there was an interesting action today in the western city of leviv which is normally known as being pro western and very ukrainian. they introduced a day of speaking russian. so that the-- and the mayor was leading this to show that whatever language ukrainians speak that they feel themselves to be one country and belong to one you knit. >> pushing for unity. but quickly, you brought up this new government who was introduced today to the protestors in kiev. what does that say to you aboutç the direction that this groups that's taken over wants to take the country. >> i took a look through the names. there are a lot of people there that will be familiar to people who w
of the building. it was an act of defiance aimed at the ukraine's new pro west government and it came as thousands of russian troops and warplanes scrambled for war games between the two countries. u.s. leaders warn they are keeping an eye on what's happening. >> we will watch very carefully and very hopefully that russia will join us in the effort to help shore up the economy, hold the country together and provide a road forward. >> ukraine's ousted president is reported to be in moscow under the protection of the russian government, but he still is claiming to be the ukraine's leader. >>> i have seen the sign and it says do not tailgate. if you cross the bay bridge this summer, that is just one of the brand-new signs you'll see along the way, signs that tell you the speed, warning you of congestion ahead and all sorts of things. they're part of a safety project that is getting underway. one more thing. it will be mandatory to have your headlights on at all times while you're riding on the bay bridge. >>> we've got your pothole warning of the day. this one is compliments of mary gaffney of northw
how to allocate their money. thank you so much. cheryl: we are watching the people in the ukraine as it continues. regional government headquarters and parliament on the country's peninsula with more of the latest developments let's bring in ashley webster. ashley: not since 1991 when ukraine won independence from russia has the country scene so much upheaval and turmoil and the country is divided politically. also teetering on the edge of financial collapse. let's look at the latest developments coming in the thick and fast. parliamentary vote confirming the prime minister is pro west, called on russia not to intervene. as you mentioned, armed gunmen are holding the parliament building, haven't identified themselves, or made any demands at all. they raised the russian flag. all of this as fears grow that it could become a battleground between ethnic russians and ukrainians. the depot's ukrainian president is being protected in russia and stated today he is still the lawful president of ukraine, he is supposed to hold a news conference tomorrow in southern russia. russian forces c
. >> the russian prime minister today said that the opposition and the rebellion in ukraine are extremists. >> we are not looking for confrontation. but we are making it clear that every country should respect the territorial integrity here, the sovereignty of ukraine, russia has said it will do that and we think it's important that russia keeps its word. >> and then there is this, kerry has told me that now russia has increased its weapons to assad's regime in syria, despite the horrific images we've seen day after day of the regime bombing and starving its own people. this is another source of friction between the united states and vladimir putin. >> andrea mitchell at the state department, tonight as we said no ordinary time. thank you, andrea mitchell. >>> and as we mentioned there is medical news out to anybody who may be concerned to any couples, especially fathers, who are thinking of having a child near middle age or later. new research shows that children born to fathers who are age 45 or older are at an increased risk for a variety of disorders. nbc's tom costello starts our reporting.
this as ukraine works to set up an interim government in the country that's deeply divided right now between loyalties to the west and loyalties to russia. our defense secretary chuck hagel urging russia to act cautiously, that the u.s. strongly supports ukraine's territorial integrity. we'll watch the story. jon: new he will developments in the social eight murder trial. pamela phillips charged with a plotting a car bombing that killed her husband. coming up, an emotional breakdown in court. >>> remember the anti-muslim filmed once blamed for the deadly terror attacks in benghazi, sparking them? a judge orders them pulled from the internet. the stunning reason why. jenna: welcome back, everyone. a federal appeals court ordering youtube to take down a film from its website over a copyright complaint. it is not just any film. it is the same film the white house originally blamed for sparking the deadly attack on our consulate in benghazi. william la jeunesse live in our l.a. newsroom with more on this. william? >> reporter: jenna, of course that claim by the white house was untrue but now the
and parliament buildings in ukraine's crimea region adding to the tension in the country's south the seizure came on thursday morning. just as leaders of ukraine's pro western opposition were preparing to officially launch an interim administration. meeting the new cabinet the previous day following the ouster of pro russian preston victory in a covert. ethnic russians account for about sixty percent of the population of the economists republic of crimea. the group's occupy the buildings in the regional capital. since pearl pole and twisted to the russians lacks they appeared to be as aggression scully for tiniest incorporation into russia since terrible soul a clash between ethnic russians in minority touch ours. earlier on wednesday. the ethics of sars. support ukraine's new leaders of the clash reportedly left at least two people dead and thirty five others injured. russia's foreign ministry posted a twitter message on thursday morning again to attacks on ethnic russians in ukraine the message said russia would react without compromise if their rights are violated. ukraine's acting president a
. >>> as you were sleeping in the west, the drama in ukraine was increasing by the hour. the country's ousted president is now report to be in russia. the putin government has granted viktor yanukovych's request for protection. secretary of state john kerry's warning russia not to make a, quote, grave mistake by sending troops to ukraine. >>> meanwhile, pro-russian forces are taking a stand in the important region of crimea. clarissa ward is there where a new troop took control. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. russian news agencies are reporting that viktor yanukovych, the ousted president, may already be in moscow, that he's being granted refuge by the russian government after he claimed that his life was in danger from extremists. he also said that he is still the legitimate president of ukraine. meanwhile, in the south of the country, in the important crimea region, a tense armed standoff continues. there was chaos and confusion in crimea this morning after armed gunmen took over regional government buildings and flew the russian flag. "nobody knows what's going
living in ukraine are watching a political crisis unfold in their country. opposition leaders have appointed a cabinet for a new government after the over throw of president viktor yanukovych. but they're dealing with growing demands for separation and mounting pressures outside their borders. nhk world's chi ishikawa has more. >> reporter: thousands of people were gathered in kiev's independence square to hear the announcement of the western leaning cabinet. the new prime minister arsenly yatsenyuk has previously served as a foreign minister and a speaker in parliament. after several months of protest the people of kiev are watching the situation carefully. >> translator: we have just started. we need to renew the local government. >> reporter: the new government, however, will face the hugely complicated task of restoring stability to the country. allegiances divided between russia and the west have been on full display. fist fights have broken out between pro and anti russia protesters. the region is home to russia's black sea naval fleet. more than 60% of the population are rus
, but this morning they're back up by another $4. >>> countries like venezuela and ukraine facing political turmoil, investors may be quick to lump all emerging markets into the existing category. but the next guest argues the that china is changing and changing for the better. with us now, steven roche, a senior fellow at the yale school of management, former chairman of morgan stanley asia, now also the author, you have it onset here, of a new bob, "unbalanced: the co-dependency of america and china." and most importantly, of all of the things on your resume, "squawk box" master of the market, right? our market master. >> just in the interest of full disclosure, i tried to title a book, "china: too big to fail," but they told me the name was already taken. >> my question is ton the bio in the flap, do you have that you're a squawk market master? >> i did, they took it out. it was a space issue. >> it was a space -- thank you for that. >> it's on the extended website, of course. >> let's just talk about the premise, which is this idea that you believe that the relationship between china and the u.
monitoring systems. a pro russian gunmen seize government buildings in a border region in ukraine raising fears of separatism in a country still reeling from the alister of its president from sunday's big and staff. that means it's thursday. they vary twenty seven here in korea my soul i'm moving on and sean went they do so much for joining us. we begin with the latest confirmation that north korea fired four short range missiles into the scene earlier this evening. for more details are still alive on the phone to my feet and knees correspondent up to one that you hardly know so far i can't tell yet if i needed a haircut for a good korea fired up for the gift pile of which are believed to have been thoughtful than in the pool at five forty two the atp. the forced to read her thoughts were bought from newark korea felt it during the week in an area with a gal could he be eaten or in the direction. they get it the mountainous region with a maple bar to pack. located forty km felt that north korea part they get why not go to korea to keep and the three foot hole. if the person in the last f
of them. while the other half know how to keep their fricking mouth shut. >> the turmoil in the ukraine has some in this country speculating about the potential impact on the 2014 and 2016 elections. as jon stewart pointed out it is unclear it will have any effect. >> ukraine does rank as an issue just under equal rights for ghosts and should evolution be taught in pools. and i'm sure that ukraine is equally as fixated on american politics. only one way to find out. >> translator: i believe the surprising will help christie. we have done it to distract from bridge gate. >> next up jeb bush may be considering a bid for president in 2016 but the question looms, how many bushes are too many bushes? he addressed the concern acknowledging that his last name might be a big hurdle for voters. >> we had a bush, then a clinton, then a bush, then a clinton and then turned to me and goes and then a bush. i get the point. and it is something that if i was to run i would have to overcome that. and so will hillary, by the way. >> not the same way. however, on the late show last night david letterman
the uprising in ukraine has brought months of chaos to the capital and its now the country's south where the tensions are boiling when ten thousand people surrounded parliament in crime year's main city. these are pictures from this unfair a poll where two rival groups are demonstrating for and against the interim government in kiev. scuffles broke out eating several wounded protesters also tried to storm the building were lawmakers were trying to decide on whether the region should break away from ukraine. consider the skin off. please become a good example of the growing division between goals to support political change in the end goals. sports report cites gathered in the center of the capital of the right knee on wednesday. the story the floor for starters it's a peaceful rally but at the end of violence and couples plastic bottles being thrown around six and saw antidote reports of a series of all the contestants. ultra nationalists of western ukraine he goes in he told the russians who have been living in crimea their whole lives. russia gets involved here. he'll bring law and or
the area. >> ukraine's fugitive president has left the country for russia. viktor yanukovych in spain and a kremicremlin sanatorium just outside of moscow. this is part of a plan to protect him from protesters. he has not been seen publicly since saturday. maligned new this morning north korea fired for suspected shorter-range missiles into its eastern borders. this morning, a south korean officials said that north career routinely conducts shorter-range missile tests, but the latest came three days after south korea and the u.s. began its annual military drills. a defense ministry officials said that north korea fired for project those believed to be shorter-range missiles with a range of about 125 mi.. north korea has recently east tensions with south korea by a largely areas between relatives who have been separated since the korean war over 60 years. >> watching wall street this morning. future trading shows all three indexes are negative right now. for the third straight day, the s&p five are traded above its record to close yesterday but fell back. here is a look at the closing
in the ukraine as form ther president insists he is still the country's leader. a day of global action causing for the release of al jazeera staff detained in egypt. and food labels get the first makeover in 20 years.
ukraine president yanukovich who fled the home country after posts claimed the lives dozens of demonstrators and police officers. yanukovich is still considering himself ukraine's legitimate leader. >> san francisco has lost its bushman, one of two who made a living scaring tourists at fisherman wharf. he was a fixture at wharf for 30 years hiding behind branches and scaring unsuspecting tourists as they walked by. >> live doppler 7 hd shows left over scattered showers this morning. we are anticipating storm number two late tonight with heavy rain again, gusty winds and we will talk about the flooding potential and power outages and the dumping of snow in the sierra. >> seven, we have a shot of bay bridge toll plaza but we have a sig-alert on 205 and expecting the sky 7 to head over to address with a little improve president here with the right lane remaining closed westbound 205 and the two last lanes cleared from the overturned big rig the slit improvement. we will follow it for you. >> national park service is asking visitors going to part reyes national seashore to avoid
have the russians, vladimir putin blustering a little bit and secretary of state of this country saying any troops in ukraine will be a grave mistake. that is the exact quote. >> all right. bob franken as always, thanks so much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you, betty. >> coming up, bill karins and richard lui will be here for "first buzz" and we're talking about the eight figure salary sandra bullock earned for "gravity." it is just incredible. while brushing misses germs in 75% of your mouth, listerine® cleans virtually your entire mouth. so take your oral health to a whole new level. listerin®... power to your mouth™. so take your oral health to a whole new level. ♪ make every day, her day with a full menu of appetizers and entrées crafted with care and designed to delight. fancy feast. love served daily. oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ [ female announcer ] neutrogena® pore refining clea
. and obama responding. secretary of state john kerry warned russia that a military action in the ukraine wouldbe a grave mistake. >> russia needs to be careful in the judgments that it makes going forward here. we are not looking for confrontation. but we are making it lear that every country shod respect the territorial integrity here. the sovereignty of the ukraine, russia has said it will do that. and we think it's imortant that russia keeps its word. lou: the russia counterpar fireback. warng the west and in sourcing decisions upon the ukrainian government. >> t isangerous and counterproductive to try to force upon the ukraine the choice that you are with us or aginst us. it has toe part of a global ropean family that is meaningful of the term. lou: the permian pill in slow region tthe opposing groups, and some cases people getting killed. twpeople were kied in the demonstrations and riots in more than 30 hospitalized. drawing the ukraine back into the russian sphere. and it's not lely gog to allow this to go without a fight. joining s is lieutenant colonel bill collins. it's good
's go to the capital, ukraine's parliament has approved a new pro-western coalition as the country faces ,ts major crisis -- crises separatism and bankruptcy. the new cabinet was unveiled before a crowd of 25,000 people in the capital's independence square late thursday. the core of the message was it is going to be a hard road ahead for ukraine. we are joined by our correspondent, gulliver cragg. >> the actual formal vote in parliament to approve this new government hasn't actually happened. what we saw was the confirmation that the parties have decided on a coalition which will have 250 thats its members, and means a clear majority in the ukrainian parliament. they were invited to raise their hands if they were confirming they would be part of this coalition and they all did -- most of them did. the whole parliament will vote, not just the members of the coalition. 250he coalition does have members as it says it does, then it should just be a formality to confirm the approval of this new government. it is not at all clear that this has the approval of ukraine's people. there are demons
responding. secretary of state john kerry warned russia that any military action in the ukraine would be a grave mistake. >> russia needs to be careful in the judgments that it makes going forward here. we are not looking for confrontation. but we are making it clear that every country should respect the territorial integrity here. the sovereignty of the ukraine, russia has said it will do that. and we think it's important that russia keeps its word. lou: the russian counterpart fireback. warning the west and in sourcing decisions upon the ukrainian government. >> t is dangerous and counterproductive to try to force upon the ukraine the choice that you are with us or against us. it has to be part of a global european family that is meaningful of the term. lou: the permian pill in slow region the opposing groups, and some cases people getting killed. two people were killed in the demonstrations and riots in more than 30 hospitalized. drawing the ukraine back into the russian sphere. and it's not likely going to allow this to go without a fight. joining s is lieutenant colonel bill co
of crimea. the peninsula is in the south of ukraine, population 1.9 million. grammy is part of the country, but governs itself as a semi autonomous state. it is also home to russia's lack see -- black sea fleet. are dedicated to the integrity of my country, and we will do everything we can, everything possible, and we will use all tools and legal means in order to civilize ukraine. >> that is the new prime minister. 30 $5 billion -- in aid. we caught up with him this morning. >> we will do everything not to default. we have enough resources and if we get financial support on the united states, the european union, the imf, we will do it. billion.5 the imf says it is ready to respond to ukraine's request. the u.s. thus far has pledged $1 billion in loan guarantees. $1 billion down, 34 billion dollars to go. ukraine's money problems, together with the situation in crimea, are shaking of the regional markets. fell to recordle lows against the u.s. dollar. ukrainian stocks also fell. it does not help that russia is flexing its military muscle. russia has put fighter jets on alert given what is
know, he has taken a terrible black eye in the ukraine, and his whole foreign policy has been a kind of denial of the fact that the soviet union disintegrated and the country's population ruled from the kremlin declined by more than 50%, and so he has set about just trying to make mischief everywhere for the real great powers instead of adjusting to the fact that russia, while still important, is not -- is not the alternate superpower, and sending a ship to cuba i think is something we shouldn't read too much into it. i doubt that his relations with cuba are predictably good anyways since they -- >> i don't know, conrad. i respect the heck out of him, but i'm telling you, where there's smoke there's fire, and there's a lot of smoke. i see a lot of fires. starting them all around the world. now it might be desperate acts, but they are registering. >> as i said, not an apologist for putin but he's not a brinkman. not a guy that will push us to the verge of war like khrushchev did in '62. he'll nibble away at the edges and try to get an edge everywhere and remind everyone that russia is
's warnings against intervention and another country and then not respect the sovereignty of ukraine and the will of the people there. so we're hoping that russia will not see this as sort of a continuation of the cold war. we don't see it that way. we do not believe this should be an east-west, russia-united states. this is not "rocky iv," believe me. >> leaders picked an economic official to be ukraine's next prime minister. parliament is scheduled to vote on the appointment today. >>> the pontiff told thousands of people he is very concerned about the violence in venezuela. pope frances said he hopes mutual forgiveness will help end the unrest there. more than a dozen people have been killed while protesting the president. jimmy carter hopes to meet with demonstrators and leaders from the government. tlnchts appears to be no end in sight to the on going protests in thailand. the u.s. is urging restraint to both protesters and thailand's government. crackdowns against the demonstrators left more than 20 people dead since november. protesters have blocked parts of the capitol in an
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